from/per person 35.00


Tour: Danube quay, Zwack factory, Csepel Works, and a dessert

First, we drive our classic car along the banks of the Danube (a UNESCO World Heritage site) with spectacular, panoramic views of the historical bridges, Margaret Island, the Parliament, Buda Castle and Gellért Hill.

”Das ist ein Unicum” –Emperor Jospeh II to Dr Zwack, 1790

A visit to the Zwack & Co. factory is next on the agenda, where you will learn all about the history of unicum, the herb liqueur, based on a 220-year old secret recipe! Feast your eyeballs on special bottles made at the factory and sample the Hungarian delight for yourselves (some say an acquired taste).

The next stop is a visit to the Csepel Works, the ’factory-universe’ which once employed 35,000 people! Immerse yourself in its soul and its history. Memories will be evoked of cans and cartridges, tank test drives on sand hills, Gagarin’s visit, countesses mixing concrete, shining engines and ruined hangars.

On leaving the factory we will drop in to the best pancake place in Budapest where you can take your pick from more than 130 different types of pancake.

The price includes entry and tasting at the Zwack visitor centre and a dessert at Haspók restaurant.


1-3 person car: 105 euros and an additional 35 euros for any additional passengers

1-5 person minibus: 165 euros and then an additional 33 euros for any additional passengers
All year Monday-Sunday: 10.00 – 17.30, last booking: 16.30